FundCollect offers a series of standard Internet based applications and components that can perform a wide range of analytical functions and simulations.  Some examples of our interactive modules include:

  • Investment objectives and risk profile module.
  • Fund list with selected key figures, as well as updated NAVs over the course of the day.
  • Performance comparison module.
  • Factsheet containing selected performance and risk figures, as well as selected soft data.
  • Portfolio X-Ray.


The applications and components can be implemented in conjunction with existing web solutions in a number of ways, including:

  • As part of an ASP solution, where the applications are hosted and maintained on FundCollect’s server. I-frame technology can be employed in this case, which allows components hosted by FundCollect to appear within the existing web page structure and design of the client, making it impossible for those viewing the site to discern if the data comes from FundCollect or the client’s own internal database.
  • As online-requests directed to FundCollect’s systems platform. When a client registers a request to compare fund data or create a portfolio X-ray, a message is sent to FundCollect’s system, whereby the requested data is calculated. A reply is then generated and transmitted to the client where it is registered, and then appears within the framework of the client’s own platform and online applications.