FundCollect’s business concept with relation to unit-linked solutions is based upon the idea that insurance companies, pension funds and other financial service providers should be able to focus on their core competencies, such as investment advice, and outsource the duties related to data collection and administration to FundCollect. By drawing upon FundCollect’s favourable relations with the fund groups, and utilizing our automated data procedures, we can collect, process and distribute data to the unit-linked market in an very efficient, consistent and cost effective manner.


Unit linked providers typically have a wide selection of both domestic and international funds within their product line, and are therefore must collect data from a number of different fund groups and investment managers.  FundCollect currently collects data for all of the funds and investment pools, which are included in the various Danish unit linked schemes, which makes it possible for unit linked providers to request data from one centralized source when they need up to date and consistent data delivered for use on their website or in relation to their internal back office functions.  FundCollect provides daily NAVs for use in trade settlement and executions as a part of back-end systems, and monthly data, which can be used for the calculation of performance and risk figures.


FundCollect can also provide a number of data administration services, which can facilitate the incorporation of internal and proprietary in-house funds for any unit linked solution.


Analytical tools

In addition to data distribution, FundCollect offers a catalogue of standard applications and analytical tools, which are designed for financial institutions and their clients.  When unit linked investors take an active role in the investment process, there is a clear need for information solutions, as well as analytical tools.


FundCollect has an array of analytical tools that enable investors to identify their own investment profile and to get an overview of the funds that match their investment objectives.  The client takes elementary investment considerations, such as investment horizon, risk tolerance, and defines the parameters of their own investment profile.  The client then uses the interactive tools to identify appropriate funds.


Once the client has indicated the desired portfolio composition, FundCollect’s portfolio X-ray tool will illustrate the past performance of the combined portfolio, along with complete portfolio holdings, asset allocation, and sector and country allocation for the proposed investments.  In this way, the client can quickly generate a powerful package of information, which is essential in the evaluation of risk and assists in allowing investors to actively participate in the investment decision-making process.


FundCollect does not endeavor to provide investment advice, but offers a systems platform, which allows the individual unit linked providers to offer investment advisory services, which are in line with their own information and investment policies.