Over the past few years, the Media and information providers have cemented their ever-increasing role in relation to the distribution of fund data to private investors.  The increasing popularity of equity investing in Denmark combined with the emergence of the unit-linked concept has created a need for increased levels of publicly accessible fund data on both the Internet and in the traditional printed media.

FundCollect has developed customized solutions for media and information providers, which are designed to meet the special needs of these types of clients.

Media and information providers typically chose to employ a standardized information solution that can be graphically customized to fit in with the existing design and can then be integrated within their existing web framework within a few hours.


Some examples of FundCollect’s solutions for media and information providers include:

  • Information solution that exclusively contain data, where the client establishes and maintains their own database.
  • Information solution including hosting and database administration.
  • Information solution including interactive components and analytical tools.


FundCollect customizes these solutions to address the special needs of the individual media and information provider.

FundCollect offers data to the media and information providers totally free of charge, for use in web-based information solutions, and journalistic work, and can provide hosting and other services at a reduced rate.  Data can be delivered directly by FundCollect or via one of our vendors.