Centralized data distribution

FundCollect specializes in monitoring and maintaining large amounts of data in an effective, structured and consistent fashion, which helps minimize expenditures as they relate to the ongoing update and maintenance of our database. Fund groups receive a variety of requests from both private and public parties that want access to assorted amounts of both monthly and daily fund data. The Danish fund groups decided to create FundCollect with the objective of centralizing data collection, maintenance and distribution duties via a common database infrastructure, which could optimise this process.  The new industry infrastructure ensures that the fund groups can be actively involved in forming and shaping a code of best practices for the presentation of fund data throughout the market, as well as providing consistent and comparable data for their own internal use across industry lines.


Daily NAVs and trading prices for non-listed funds

FundCollect is currently the official distributor of daily NAVs and trading prices for non-listed funds.  The fund groups report updated fund prices several times during the course of the day, which are then distributed to the Danish press, the Danish Securities Depository (Værdipapircentralen) several of the Danish clearing and central bank organizations and other interested parties.  The distribution of these data is carried out via a group of data vendors.


Web services

The fact that the fund groups are able to outsource the maintenance of their data and IT needs via FundCollect’s extensive technical platform allows the industry to create a situation where the advantages of economies of scale can be realized.  Outsourcing can involve data processing and administration, hosting, as well as the maintenance of web pages, components, and analytical tools.  The fund groups experience a great reduction in expenditure of resources by outsourcing these time consuming tasks.  Alternatively, the fund groups can receive a continuously updated data feed directly from FundCollect’s database, via XML for example, and then integrate these data within their own website or their own internal databases. In addition to the maintenance of data, FundCollect offers value added applications in the form of analytical and simulation tools, such as portfolio X-ray, comparison tools, categorization and benchmark data, along with analysis of risk, investment strategy and asset composition.