Data collection services

FundCollect offers data collection and distribution services to foreign fund groups, who want to gain access to the entire Danish market, or to a more limited group of specified data recipients, which can include other fund providers, the media, unit linked companies, financial analysts, data providers and centralised banking organisations.  FundCollect’s role is to provide a data distribution service, which ensures a level playing field for all fund providers, and to serve as an unbiased partner, who focuses on data distribution, strengthening and maintaining industry best practises, transparency and the general quality of data.

FundCollect realizes that maximum exposure is key for foreign fund groups who are entering the Danish market, and offers a wide variety of distribution channels including:

  • Leading Danish mutual fund analysts
  • Unit Linked providers (FundCollect maintains current solutions for over 70% of the market)
  • The print and Internet media
  • Data vendors
  • VP Security Services (The Danish securities depository organization)
  • Online fund distributors
  • Unit-link companies


How to get started

FundCollect can assist foreign fund groups in learning more about the Danish market and the possibilities for distribution of funds and fund data in general.  Whether you are interested in becoming a associated member of the Danish Investment Fund Association, distribution to the entire Danish market, or a single unit linked provider, the media, or other relevant data recipients, feel free to contact us to discuss the opportunities for creating a more productive data distribution.

Please feel free to contact us:

FundCollect +45 70 26 88 68

Carsten Mahler, CEO.