One of FundCollect’s most important core competencies is the ability to take an approach that is more client-focused than product oriented.


Even the most impressive and comprehensive products can end up being a stumbling block in the creation of value for a company, if it is not custom designed to meet the specific needs of a client.


FundCollect approaches every project with the individual needs of each client in mind, and adds additional value by ensuring that our clients receive a solution that lives up to the industry standards that are relevant for the Danish market, including regulatory and taxation considerations. Focus is also placed on creating solutions that are flexible and can be easily updated to include new technological advances, newly available types of data, and any new functionalities or components which are developed by FundCollect in response to client demand.


As FundCollect’s client base includes a wide variety of different types of companies with differing business strategies, including banks, insurance companies, pension funds, and information providers, it is our view that the needs of our clients are extremely varied, and it is decisive that this fact is taken into account when designing data packages, functionality, and analytical tools.