FundCollect is a joint venture consisting of the Danish Investment Fund Association - Investeringsfondsbranchen (IFB) and FundConnect A/S. The following is a short introduction and description of the business activities of the two partners.


The Danish Investment Fund Association - Investeringsfondsbranchen (IFB)

The Danish Investment Fund Association is an organization created by the Danish mutual fund industry to promote interest on the part of the general public for investment in mutual funds, and to uphold ethical standards and best practices in the operation of mutual funds, as well as creating and maintaining a productive cooperation between the Danish regulatory bodies in order to achieve the most favourable conditions for the private investors.


For the last 20 years, the Association has undertaken the collection and publication of official market statistics, the development of the market as a whole, and historical performance and risk figures for the individual fund groups. The Association has, in an international perspective, been at the forefront with regards to the creation of a comprehensive, publicly accessible pool of information and mutual fund data, while simultaneously successfully implementing and maintaining a code of industry best practices that ensures consistency, transparency and fairness with regards to the comparison of performance figures across the entire industry.


Additional information is available on the Association’s website,, where you can read more about:

  • What the Danish Investment Fund Association is and how it functions.
  • What a mutual fund is and the advantages in investing in mutual funds.
  • Some of the regulations that apply to mutual funds.
  • Contact information for foreign fund groups that have in interest in obtaining more information on the Danish fund industry and how to become a member of the Danish Investment Fund Association.



FundConnect A/S

FundConnect A/S is an IT company, and was established in 2000. The Firm specializes in software development relating to Internet based applications and analytical tools, which are predominantly, utilized by financial institutions in the area of mutual fund investments. FundConnect’s product focus has been geared toward the creation of tailor made information, financial advisory, and analytical tools oriented for the use of private investors as a part of Intranet solutions or websites of financial institutions.


At the present time, FundConnect has a strong market position, based upon the wide range of solutions that have been developed and are serviced for numerous financial advisors, insurance companies, media and information providers.

FundConnect A/S was founded by Carsten Mahler, who has more than 17 years experience in the mutual fund industry, including a position as CEO of Danske Invest.


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