FundCollect was established in the spring of 2002, as a joint venture consisting of the Danish Investment Fund Association (Investeringsfondsbranchen) and FundConnect A/S. The Company collects, processes and distributes mutual fund data.


The increasingly growing interest in mutual funds throughout the last 5 to 10 years has resulted in a corresponding increase in the number of parties that wish to receive continuous, up to date, and comprehensive data for Danish, as well as International mutual funds, which are marketed in Denmark.  This trend is also evident in other countries, where the last few years have shown an ever-increasing demand for data on the part of the media and information providers, analysts, financial portals on the Internet, and banks and insurance companies. In light of these factors, the Danish Investment Fund Association decided to create an entity for the centralized collection of data, with the goal of increasing and ensuring productivity for the fund groups, as well as providing consistent and comparable mutual fund data, which is distributed to the financial market.

By integrating the Danish Investment Fund Association’s online technical data collection platform with FundConnect’s technical data distribution solutions, including a wide range of Internet based presentation, analytical and simulation tools, FundCollect has managed to create a unique, state of the art data infrastructure, which can provide solutions for a wide spectrum of data needs.


FundCollect serves as a centralized data infrastructure for the Danish Investment Fund Association, as it relates to the collection and distribution of data, and has a list of clients, which includes several larger financial institutions.